The Queen’s Court (Epilogue)

(Within hours of the piano episode)

The Queen was seated on her lush, red throne and in a particularly bad mood. “Guards!!! Find me someone to torture at the Chess Board. Altho I am delighted the Hatter’s still has his head, so I can continue to torture him, I need a new victim.”

The Ace of Spades stood at attention in front of the Queen, “Yes, Your Majesty, I will get right on it.” He then bowed and left the Court.

There was an animated game of croquet going on and the Queen shifted her attention to that. “Now, here’s a game of skill that I’ve always enjoyed. Princess, you better watch the Gryphon. He is very sneaky if you aren’t paying attention.”

The Gryphon looked at the Queen in a questioning way, “Your Majesty, why would you squeal on me like that?”

“Because I can Gryphon. Now, play the game or I’ll cut off YOUR head.” The Queen replies in a manner that was half serious and half joking.


A short time later, the Queen was playing chess and the Cheshire Cat appeared…

“Hello Your Majesty… I see you have found a new subject to destroy.” The grin was from ear to ear as usual.

The Queen turned in anger, “What is it that you want Cat? Have you come to gloat about the Hatter’s actually saving his own head?”

Only the Cat’s eyes and mouth were now visible, “No, not at all. They are having a tea party over there now and I couldn’t stand all of the noise.”

“Another tea party? Didn’t he learn from the last time he did that?! I’ve given the Hatter too many breaks and he continues to do things like this.” The Queen was losing her temper again. “Besides, I’m still not convinced that you were not somehow involved in this whole charade. It baffles me how the Hatter can go from not playing a note to playing beautifully in just a matter of days.”

The Cat responded, “Don’t you trust me Queenie? I would never, Ever do anything to upset you.”

“How can I trust someone or something that constantly jumps in and out if existence? You’ve got to be out of your mind!!” The Queen was out of her chair now and moving towards to floating smile of the Cheshire Cat.

The Cat chuckled, “You’re not the first one to say that and you certainly won’t be the last…” the Cheshire Cat grinned even larger, “Because, we’re all mad here.”

The Queen stopped suddenly, “You say that as though it is a badge of honor, Cat.”

“Oh, it is, Your Majesty, it truly is. You see, no one in Wonderland is completely sane. Everyone and everything is at least a little off, which makes us all unique.” The Cat was fading in and out of existence.

The Queen began to back away, “You’re crazy. I’ll catch you one of these times Cat. And when I do, it will be off with your head. Now get out of my sight before I change my mind and behead you this instant.”

The Cheshire Cat winked at the Queen, “My pleasure. This party was starting to get stale anyway. I’ll go where I’m more wanted.”

And with that, the Cheshire Cat vanished into the darkness.

THE END… Maybe

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