Every land has its story, but none can compete with the many odd tales of Wonderland.

Ours is a realm where the unimaginable can happen at the snap of a finger. A clock could cut you off in the middle of the woods, screaming about some atrocity. The Twins may cause you to lose your mind with their incessant shenanigans and there’s no telling when the Queen will decide she wants someone or something beheaded.

You may have even met some of Wonderland’s unique characters in some of the other stories that have been told. These astounding tales have been passed down for generations. And while you may be familiar with the stories of your childhood, there are still so many secrets to share.

The splendors of Wonderland go beyond the two stories about “that girl” which everyone knows. Everything that has leaked out about us comes from a tale of a child falling into our world through a rabbit hole. She gets movies and video games made about her and what about us? Nothing… absolute zero. Our stories stay silent. True, there are a few citizens of Wonderland that have become well-known from “that girl’s” tales,  but we don’t profit off of it like she does. The girl has told her story in such a way that everyone thinks it was just a story.

I have seen first hand what went on throughout Wonderland and can take you even deeper into the bizarre world that The Red Queen, The Hatter, The March Hare and myself have endured for quite some time. If you don’t believe me, continue reading the pages that follow and judge for yourself.

Before we begin our journey, let me make one thing crystal clear…

Everyone thinks it is The Queen who rules over Wonderland. Well, they’re wrong. She may be Queen, but it’s ME! I run this place! ME! I am the one with eyes and ears everywhere. I am the one with my paws on the pulse of everything that happens in our strange, yet colorful world of WONDERLAND!!

Who am I, you ask? Wonder no longer. I am the one, the only, the master of mischief and, in my humble opinion, the most famous of all…The Cheshire Cat.

Would I lie?! 

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